The Universe No Longer Has Time for Your Bullshit

Ain't no one has time for that -Universe

“I ain’t got time for your shit.” -The Universe

Last year’s election results “shocked” many (in the US and Britain.)

Followers of quantum physics, spirituality, and other non-cable-news modalities knew this was just the beginning of a trend. A continuation, even. That trend first of all involves a massive shift, an awakening, endings for the old way, and dragging the darkness out into the light – no matter how deep the claw marks are in it.

There is to be no more anything “as usual.”

The Truth Is Out

I would say that trend has continued in 2017, in the light of the huge wave of sexual harassment allegations being brought to light. Staid icons are falling in its wake.

And this weekend’s simultaneous Supermoon in Gemini and start of Mercury Retrograde are just highlighting this even more for everyone.

Does it feel like anything that is not on solid ground is falling apart? Is the universe calling you to task for something? Is it make or break time?

Learn From It

As my girl Chani says:

Remain more interested in what the disruptions are teaching you about yourself, than the fact that they are such a pain in your ass. What throws a curve ball at you is annoying, yes, but there’s something deeper that this life circumstance is trying to get to. Something just below the surface of your anger, upset or agitation is trying to get your attention.


These sentiments are important. They want to teach you something that normally can’t get through. Something that you miss when things go smoothly. Whatever demands that we stretch ourselves offers us the opportunity to discover the potential in us that otherwise lies dormant.

Discover what you are capable of in the chaos and the comforts of life.

This week Mercury retrograde and the full moon feel out ways in which to draw your attention to the short term action plans and long-term goals you’ve got on your radar. Some of these plans will stand the storms of this cosmic weather and some will blow away with the winds of change. None of this will become entirely clear until the beginning of next year. These days will unravel what isn’t meant to make it to 2018.



Winter is the time to go inside.  Mercury Retrograde is the time to re- anything: “review, re-examine,” etc. What is coming up for you right now? And how can you take action toward your solution, your goals, your purpose?

Divine Harmony weighs in:

with this full moon in gemini- there’s much coming up from underneath the surface particularly around information, communication and Truth.

Level Up

This directly hits me. I’m increasing my daily word sprints in December to 3,000, from November’s 1,667. This seems like a huge leap, but I like the challenge, and I have the time. Plus, like the gym, the more I do it, the easier it gets.

That 3,000, though, is just one small chunk of my novel – 2-4% per day.

Right now, it’s all about building, and about taking small baby steps toward the goal. Those add up. 3,000 words a day becomes 21,000 a week, which results in 84,000 words a month. *That* is a whole book.

Plus, it sure seems like the Universe is pushing me there. No more excuses. Cosmically, we have no choice. The Universe is calling. Will we accept the challenge?

What small steps will you consequently take this month toward your goal?


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Divine Harmony has advanced vocabulary, but as a consequence there is much more to directly apply.

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  1. Ah, the improv of life. Receive, and then offer something back in return. Take that shit… and then give something back. Something really really good! I can’t wait to read your novel!

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