So, I could present this sign without comment, but there is SO MUCH TO SAY HERE.

First of all: wtf*.

Then, I don’t even want to know how they got to the point they needed this.

Or the potential disasters … I mean, these are pit toilets. You do NOT want any part of your body slipping and falling into or on ANY of these things.

Then, as Carrie pointed out: OMFG WHO DESIGNED THIS. It has become my mission when I spend my full time in Yellowstone to figure this out.

*OK, so as I also told Carrie: I knew that most other cultures squat, from friends in the Peace Corps and who’ve spent excessive time in other countries, and my own time, uh, adjusting in Italy.

But, she also hadn’t seen the FREAKING SQUATTY POTTY COMMERCIAL. I mean, it’s literally using a Princess Bride –esque Prince and a unicorn shitting rainbow fro yo to explain the benefits of squatting. AYIYIYIY. So here’s that for anyone who hasn’t seen that:

And this has been your Squatty Potty interlude.