I am in cactus land.

Did you know that the version of a “cactus” we know from cartoons is actually called a saguaro? I did not! Also, for those not from Tucson, it’s pronounced “suh-wah-roh,” not “suh-gar-oh.”

Here’s how I can best describe it.

Imagine driving up a hill, knowing you are entering into a forest.

Except the view is not trees like you’d expect. In this forest, all the trees – instead of having leaves and brown trunks and limbs – look like they were designed by Dr Seuss.

They are brilliant green, an odd shade even for nature.

They go as far as you can see, including up the side of big,
rocky hills.

They look like a tree was taken, umbrella style, and collapsed.

But instead of sticks, they look like they were inflated with air.

Then they have these arms that look like tree limbs done in comic sans. Kind of rounded, no pattern or rhyme or reason. Some limbs are tall, some squat sometimes there’s one, sometimes there’s like families coming off of multiple limbs.

They look downright *silly.*

Also, it’s like …Disneyland. Seeing something in person I’ve only seen on cartoons.

And there’s just these silly green sticks with their various limbs akimbo, all over the land.

It’s surreal, for sure.