Is it that time of year already? The “best of” podcast lists?

Spending as much time as I do hiking, setting up my campsite, and in the car, I consequently listened to a lot of podcasts this year. I love them because I can download them to play them anywhere, can play them over my car’s Bluetooth and listen in a variety of settings as mentioned above, and they are shorter than audiobooks.

10 of my perennial favorites are:

Vulture’s Best of 2017 include:
  • Missing Richard Simmons (devoured it before I left)
  • Binge Mode: Game of Thrones (not my jam)
  • First Day Back (a topic I’m interested in, so will add to my list)
  • Where Should We Begin (haven’t listened, it’s a maybe)
  • Ear Hustle (another topic I’m interested in, so will add to my list)
  • :74 Seconds (the gushing about the first four episodes intrigues me)
  • This American Life (I go in and out of this perennial favorite)
  • The Heart (haven’t heard of before now, so maybe)
  • The Daily (I can barely handle headlines, so news podcasts will never be my thing. I feel like I get enough headlines.)
  • S-Town (totally agree with its #1 position. Binged this amazing Southern Gothic profile when it came out. Serial was the first and best podcast I’ve listened to, so I will always immediately try anything under its umbrella.)
Entertainment Weekly’s Best of 2017 adds:
  • Mogul: The Chris Lighty Story (I agree. Binged this when it came out.)
  • Nancy (Haven’t heard of it. Will look into.)
  • 36 Questions (Jonathan Groff? A musical? I admonish my friends who didn’t let me know about this! Adding!)
  • Dirty John (Damn, this one was RIVETING. Listened to all 6 epis in a day.)
  • 30 for 30 (Yep, this one was great. As it should be, transfering from a successful tv series on a major network.)
  • Pod Save America (see my notes about The Daily.)
Time’s list adds:
  • Still Processing (Hadn’t heard of. I don’t usually like ‘conversational’ podcasts like this that are not interviews or storytelling.)
  • Reply All (I dip in now and then, if I’m caught by the topic du jour. They had a best-of epi last year I listened to that was pretty spectacular, but it was about incarceration, which is a topic that interests me.)
  • Dear Sugars (a good listen, I catch it when I can. For some reason I prefer to read rather than listen to advice columns, like Ask Polly.)
  • Larry Wilmore: Black on Air (Haven’t heard of or given it a listen.)
  • More Perfect (I’m intrigued, but haven’t heard of it before!)
  • 2 Dope Queens (I know everyone loves them. I don’t usually like these formats of people talking to each other.)

So! Which podcasts did you like this year? Which episodes should I listen to? Am I ‘eh’ on one you can convince me I must I try? Let me know!