First glimpse of the Oregon Coast!


It is a lifelong dream of mine to drive the entire Pacific Coast. Now, after doing the San Diego to San Fran portion of the Pacific Coast Highway in October 2015, I’ll be within reach of that!

The Oregon portion is 363 miles, and I will do the whole thing. Starting in Astoria, zooming on down to Brookings. I’ll take about a week to do it, camping at the awesome state parks along the way. (No reservations, wish me luck!)

The route itself was founded in 1926. Could you imagine tooling along it back then? It’s pretty remote now, with just a few population centers. Vacation and second homes dot the route, but they cost a serious penny.

Oregon’s Mile-by-Mile Guide

I’m also soooo excited I found this amazing guide, Oregon Coast Magazine’s Mile By Mile Guide.

As an info geek, it’s been really helpful to have in the passenger seat. It’s easy to read and follow along with. It’s incredibly thorough – if anything, I was missing stuff. But not this guide!