I DID IT! 50,000 Words in NaNoWriMo 2017

I won!

Nanowrimo: I won!




NaNoWhaaa, you ask?

Dudes. Nanowrimo is an online community that helps encourage you to write 50,000 words in November. There’s a great word tracker with lots of details such as “days left,” “words left,” “words written today,” etc.

There are message boards and “regional” boards where you can talk to fellow writers. The organization also sends you pep talks by accomplished novelists as well.

It’s also a nonprofit that helps promote writing causes, especially in schools. Pretty neat!

Why 50,000?

That “counts” as a novel. Though I am finding that my novel’s beta draft is going to be about two times that!

How was it?

It was … well, actually. I think a week ago I would have said that it was “painful.” But I also realize that, looking back, it was really a habit-building process. Like going to the gym (I’m sure. I don’t go to the gym.)

I feel really great today, like it’s a special day. Which it is! Nearly 2,000 words per day is hella awesome.

Lasting Benefits

I think the most important thing is that this has given me momentum. Because of this, I have something I can look at and say, “well, I did this once. I can do it again!” Meaning: I’m going to keep up the writing habit.

It also helped break down into manageable steps what seemed like a Herculean, Sisyphean, amorphous task: “write a book!”

And it was nice to have an understanding community of people to talk to and support, as well as get support from.

I am not working currently. But I did have two friend visits. I visited four states and slept in at least seven different places this month. (Holy shit, on that last statistic.) So, I think, that I should be able to manage prioritizing this for the next month (just four places and three states …) And then definitely while I LIVE IN THE SAME PLACE in 2018. 🙂





  1. Congrats Lauren! Well done.

  2. Living the dream Lauren! I am so jealous.

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