Destination: Bellingham

Excited for and interested in Bellingham. Islands and orcas and civilization, OH MY. 🙂

I’ll have to look up some things to do, tomorrow, at that wifi place, and then at the dealership. Two weeks later, I’m back in the dealership. BUT. It’s serendipitous that (if such a thing had to happen) I can go.

I wish the ferry didn’t cost so much. Sounds pretty cool, eh?

Not sure about customs, I guess.

Will have to get one more night in the hotel, pray they have one! Sunday to Monday, they should, eh?

Or I can see if the Air BnB has one.  X-P

Nights in Bellingham, I’ll have to do a little report on Yellowstone. Start with Wikipedia, perhaps.

And I need to get Empire of Shadows. An 800-page book about the history of Yellowstone Park’s formation? I’m there.

We’ll see how pretty Bellingham is.

Beat Poets in the Cascades

After reading about the Beat poet’s connection to the Cascades in Poets on the Peaks, I also need to find a book store, stat, for some Kerouac: Dharma Bums, [Desolation] Angels.

Can you IMAGINE a crazy drug addict up in the fire tower? Almost makes a good play in itself. Perhaps.

Mousey Roommates

I’m doing … weirdly fine. There’s the stress about the mice situation, but it’s, uh, as under control as it’s going to be. IDK. I’ve caught like ten. This is really embarrassing to tell you guys, I don’t know why. The dealership guy was like, “Yeah, you were camping … and mice got in the car. Of course.” Meanwhile, I’m having a nervous breakdown. Le sigh.

We’ll see what kind of damage they’ve inflicted to my internal wiring, clothes, etc. EEK. At this point I think they are just coming out from the woods here, rather than an internal thing. Fuck you, NPS, for your “not messing with the ecosystem*,” as well as anyone who leaves their shit out**. *I mean, really. A campground and **the people who leave their shit out are already messing with the ecosystem. The people scare away the larger predators, which makes the little guys … abundant, to say the least. So, NPS: help us out with some mouse control, y’know?

The Rest of North Cascades

Today I think I’ll do the right side of the park (east), and …

The road to Stehekin is washed out! That’s crazy. No shuttle bus, either, which is weird for a national park. For all the money I’m sure the damn Seattle City Light people bring in, this place is seriously low maintenance. The “national park” designation definitely feels like a front …

I bet people in Seattle don’t come here as much because they think of this as some crazy electric company complex, or something. I wouldn’t blame them. Newhalem has that feel.

I do need to put my new sticker on my computer! My computer is going to look pretty rad as I head to new locations. 🙂 I’ll need to keep getting small stickers, of course.

The Daily Grind

This Neil Gaiman book, Stardust, is the bomb diggity. It’s totally a kid’s fairy tale, but it’s got elements of LOTR in it. Total “hero’s journey” kind of thing. I do want to read “The Hero with 1,000 Faces” some day.

I’m clearing like, an audiobook a day, which is fun and exciting. It’s hard to read books when I’m driving all day, setting up camp, cooking is more involved, etc.

I meditated this morning, too! Excited that I finally am doing some daily practices, like meditating and writing, that were really hard to do when someone else’s work was my top priority. Blech 🙂